010 gathering
Skills which involve gathering resources from the environment.

Gathering skillsEdit

011 mining Mining  011 mining

Allows ores to be obtained from rocks. Higher levels allow stronger ores to be onbtained.

012 Fishing Fishing  012 Fishing
Allows objects and fish to be retrieved from bodies of water. Higher levels allow more types of fish to be caugt.
013 Woodcutting Woodcutting  013 Woodcutting
Allows vegetation to be cut down with a hatchet. Higher levels allow more types of trees to be cut down, for better logs.
014 Farming Farming  014 Farming
Allows corps to be grown for use in other skills, notably herbs for Herblore. Higher levels allow more corp types to be grown.
015Hunter Hunter  015Hunter
Allows the trapping of various wild creatures using different methods. Higher levels allows more different creatures to be caught.

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