021 combat

Skills which help you to inflict damage to other creatures. These skills also raise your Combat level. 

Combat skillsEdit

023 Attack Attack 023 Attack
Improves your accuracy  in Melee combat. Also allows the use of more powerful weapons.
024 Defence Defence024 Defence
Reduces the accuracy of opponents' attacks from all styles. However, Magic level is more important when considering defence against magic based attacks. Also allows stronger armour to be equipped.
025 Strength Strength025 Strength
Improves your maximum hit in Melee combat, increasing the amount of damage caused. Higher Strength is also a requirement to wield some weapons.
026 Ranged Ranged  026 Ranged
Increases the accuracy and damage of ranged attacks such as bows, throwing knives and crossbows, and allows the usage of better Ranged weapons and armour.
027 Magic Magic 027 Magic
Increases accuracy but not damage of Magic attacks. Allows more spells and better magical weapons and armour to be used. Also increases defence against magic attacks.
028 Constitution Constitution 028 Constitution
Increases the maximum amount of Life points. A very small amount of equipment also requires a Constitution level to use.
029Prayer Prayer 029Prayer
Increases the maximum of prayer points, and unlocks new prayers. Also a requirement to use certain equipment which increases the amount of time prayers may be sustained.
030 Summoning Summoning 030 Summoning
allows familiars to be summoned, which help in many skills as well as fighting in combat. Higher levels allow more types and stronger familiars to be summoned.

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