001 artisan(2)
Artisan skills are skills which process raw materials into new products.

Artisan skillsEdit

003 smithing Smithing  003 smithing
Allows metallic bars and items to be made from ores. Higher levels allow better items to be made from higher level materials.
002 cooking Cooking  002 cooking
Allows fish and other food to be cooked on a fire or range. Higher levels allow better foods (that heal more life points) to be prepared
004 firemaking Firemaking  004 firemaking
Allows fires to be built from logs. Higher levels allow more types of logs to be burnt.
005 herblore Herblore  005 herblore
Allows the creation of potions from herbs, used to temporarly bestow a variety of different effects. Higher levels create more potent potions.
006 crafting Crafting  006 crafting
Allows the creation of various jewellery. Higher levels allow more items to be crafted.
007 fletching Fletching  007 fletching
Allows the creation of bows, arrows, bolts and crossbows from assorted logs. Higher levels allow more advanced items to be made.
008 Runecrafting Runecrafting  008 Runecrafting
Allows the creation of runes from rune and pure essence. Higher levels allow more rune types to be made, as well as multiple runes per essence.
009 construction Construction  009 construction
Allows the creaction of flatpacks. Higher levels allows the creation of better flatpacks.

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